Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is a crisis, and you need to address it as such. You do not have time to think about the whole process; you need to act quickly and react. The first 24-36 hours will determine how much damage you'll have, and if the damage stops spreading. Waiting longer than that means more damage than there would have been if the water had been removed initially.

Water tends to increase damage the more time it spends in places it isn't meant to be. While you are thinking what to do, the water enters deeper into the floor and walls, adding more damage to what you had to begin with. If you want to prevent that damage, you should call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac at 301-960-7509 and get help as soon as possible.

Preventing Further Water Damage

By taking the correct initial steps, you can minimize the damage. Here's what you must do first:

  1. Find the water source and shut it down if possible. Prevent more water from destroying more of your belongings.
  2. Take photos to record the damage, as your insurance company may require them.
  3. Remove movable property, especially electronics and furniture.
  4. Call your insurance company to report the water damage incident.
  5. Call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac to help you take care of the damage, assess it and manage the restoration. If needed, we can advise you regarding the insurance claim as well.

Flood Damage ProSince we know about the urgency of treating water damage, there is a hotline available 24/7 provided by our partners at Flood Damage Pro you can call. Don't hesitate to head over to their website for more information on water damage and restoration, as well as calling them for consultation. Remember, the sooner you treat water damage the easier and quicker it is to repair it and restore your life back to normal.

The Tulip Way to Successful Water Damage Restoration

Once our water damage restoration team reports to your location to assess the damage, the restoration begins. Emergency water removal is the first step and most common service ordered at Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac.

You should be aware that even once all the water is removed, there may be things that will need to be discarded and replaced, rather than cleaned and restored. For example, a drywall that has been subject to water damage will not dry properly and will be a fertile ground for mold growth. It's the same thing for carpets - especially if there are major contaminants in the water. Think of all the germs you'd find in a sewage backup. When the water damage could also make you sick, it is best to replace the carpet rather than try to clean it. It's simply not worth the risk. Be sure to find an experienced contractor, like the ones at Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac - a contractor who knows what to restore and what to replace, so you don't suffer from more damage later down the road.

More Services for Water Damage Recovery

To restore the water damage completely, you may also require other services like drying and dehumidifying, or you might need help taking care of the cleaning afterwards. In some cases, the water source wasn't clean, so you may need sanitizing and deodorizing services as well. With our vast experience in the field, you can also count on us for expert mold removal and mold testing services. We offer all those services and more, so when you are having an emergency - don't hesitate to contact us.

We will do everything we can to tailor the water damage restoration to your requirements and the damage, as well as help you handle the claim with your insurance company.

In case of water damage - choose Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac. The right choice for you in Potomac.

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