Mold testing and inspection in Potomac

If you suspect that there may be mold in your home, it's important to have a professional mold testing company come in and assess the situation.

Every homeowner needs to be aware of the existence of mold, as every house is a potential breeding ground for these subtle destroyers. In fact, a slight hidden pipe leak can serve as the entry spot for serious mold growth in your property, and before you could realize what's happening, they will have spread to other parts of the house.

Briefly, molds are microorganisms that are capable of severe devastation to your health and property. They thrive in waterlogged areas and can pervade a space within a twinkle of and eye. Apart from water leaks or spill, other factors that can influence their spread include: lack of sunlight, inadequate oxygen supply, and lackadaisical attitude on your part.

If there are molds on your property, it's important you get them expunged. However, if you aren't sure they exist on your property, there's only one way to be sure that molds are not hiding on your living or working space - that's you calling for a professional inspection and testing mold service right now.

Now, are you a resident in Potomac or its environs requiring mold testing and mold inspection services? Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac are the best go-to guys to get the job done perfectly in this area. We are here to guarantee the safety of your health and that of your property. Basically, we offer mold inspection and mold testing services which are part of the fundamental process to ridding your home of mold.

Mold Inspection Services in Potomac, MD

The word inspect means to examine carefully with the intent of verifying a claim. Add mold to the word "inspection" and it would mean the act of carefully examining your environment and property just to be sure they are mold free. For the following reasons, inspecting your area for mold is important if you suspect anything;

  • It helps to ascertain if there is mold hiding in hidden spaces at your house or work place. Due to our experience, we can easily determine where mold is hiding on your property in the inspection process.
  • You can stop a mold invasion from taking over by inspecting if there is already mold on your property.
  • Early detection of mold problems before it begins to pose serious issues to your health and property.
  • You will be saving up a lot of cash if you detect mold early as severe mold remediation comes at a significant cost.
Carpet & Upholstery Protectors Mold Testing Service

What does the mold inspection process entail?

The process is conducted in the suspected area and other areas designated by the client. You simply call us and we come with our experience, expertise and equipment to heed your call. Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac is second to none when it comes to delivering this service. Our swift response team are also on standby.

  • A holistic inspection of the designated area: We are thorough when it comes to inspecting your space for molds. We leave no stone unturned. Our specialists check for pipe leaks, water damage and every visible sign or subtle symptoms of mold infection. We know the exact places to scrutinize.
  • We discover the Source: Mold thrives in cool areas. They like water and most times, that's where the mold spread starts from before pervading to other areas. The first thing our specialists do is to check for faulty water damages which could be an active source of mold. This is one of the core goals of mold remediation.
  • We consider other relevant details. At times, some clients would have already undergone mold remediation at some point with little or no result. We examine such details thoroughly so as to discover where the former mold removal agency had missed it.
  • We recommend what the next line of action should be; once the inspection is completed and molds are discovered, we don't just abandon you. We give you guidance on what needs to be done next. If no mold was discovered after the inspection, they will enlighten you on what to do to prevent any form of mold invasion on your property.
  • You also get a detailed written report which you can keep for reference or other official purposes.

Professional Mold Testing in Potomac, MD

In plainer words, this sounds like testing mold and it means - an inquiry to know the exact kind of mold that has invaded your home or office space using some specialized techniques. This is something no DIY technique can help you to decipher. You just have to reach out to the experts to get this done.

What processes are involved in Testing Mold?

Basically, the process is simple. It involves the collection of samples, after which these samples will be laboratory-tested. Two kinds of samples are normally collected on the field by our specialists. These are the control sample and sample from the affected areas:

  • Control sample: this is usually the first type of sample collected at the location. It involves the collection of outdoor air samples in order to determine the amount of mold present on your property and in that location.
  • Sample from the affected area: air samples from the affected area are collected so the amount of mold spores in the sample can be compared to the control. A part of the affected organic property such as furniture also may be taken by our mold specialist. With mold testing, not only is the exact type of mold known, the exact amount of mold is discovered too.

After the samples have been collected, the next stage is the laboratory testing where the microbial specialist takes the samples and runs them through the experimental process. After this stage is completed, a report is issued stating the exact kind of mold problem you have. Our specialist prepares the remediation plan for you so that the whole problem can be solved once and for all.

Why are we the best to handle your mold problems?

We do not claim to be the best by mere word of mouth, but based on what we can accomplish. We have everything you need to get the best result. Check us out.

  • We are qualified to carry out both testing and inspection of mold.
  • We provide a post-service report which can be useful for official purposes such as claiming reimbursement from your insurance company.
  • We have the best employees who have been trained and certified for the job.
  • We offer quality affordable services.
  • Protection of your health and that of your loved ones is our priority. Also, the protection of your property from destruction fuels our passion.

How much does mold testing and inspection cost?

Mold testing is an essential part of ensuring the safety and wellness in your home or business. It can be done by a qualified professional who will use specialist equipment, so it's important to find someone trustworthy.

Mold inspection $149
Mold testing $395
Any additional samples for mold testing $95
Moisture issues detection with thermal imaging camera $129

Are Mold Testing and Inspection So Necessary and Worth Paying For?

Mold testing and inspection are necessarily for a number of reasons:

  1. Mold can cause serious health problems. Especially if you sleep in a room with mold.
  2. Mold can cause extensive property damage. In addition to damaging walls, floors, and ceilings, mold can also ruin furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings.
  3. Mold can be extremely difficult to remove once it has taken root in home. As a result, it is necessary to hire a professional mold removal specialists to safely and effectively get rid of mold.

While inspection and mold testing may seem like an unnecessary expense, the costs of ignoring mold can be far greater. Call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac now at 301-960-7509, our mold specialists are ever thrilled to help you solve your mold issues. It's our desire that you stay well and your property, protected!

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