Frequently Asked Questions

I had a pipe burst over night and there was quite a leak on my carpet. I stopped it, what do I do now?

Now that the leak has stopped, you will want to get the water out of the carpets ASAP. Tulip Carpet Cleaning Potomac offers same day emergency service so we will be there fast to take care of the water extraction, and initiate the drying process using our dehumidifiers, fans and blowers. We will also check and see if there's any need for mold or mildew remediation. If needed, we have treatments to dry the flooring beneath the carpet, as well as replace your padding. Our professional emergency services will make the difference and save your carpets!


I have a beautiful rug I just got out of storage and I want it cleaned. It is extremely dusty and my daughter has dust allergies. Can you clean it outside of my home?

Absolutely. We clean rugs onsite at your home or at our workshop, which is equipped with all of the required machinery and cleaning solvents. Our factory cleaning is very thorough and should allow us to remove deep stains such as spills, pet stains or odors, and of course excess dirt and dust, pet hair and dander, and other such allergens. We can bring the rug back to your home promptly without any concern that it will a negative effect on your daughter's health. And the best thing about it is, we now offer free pickup and drop off too!


I have a bad smell coming from my air ducts; I suspect it might be mold. What should I do?

Mold is a serious health hazard. Please contact us ASAP so we can come out for a free inspection of your air ducts. We will use our advanced video equipment to identify the source of the odor, it's a quick and efficient process that does not require drilling or cause a mess. Once we've identified the problem, we will use our industrial strength equipment to vacuum out the excess dust, debris, as well any mold. To finish, we'll use our non-toxic solvents to neutralize the mold or any other biological hazard that might remain in your ducts. In return you will get clean indoor air, free of allergens and other dangerous contaminants, and an HVAC system that works more efficiently!

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